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San Menaio

In the immediate nearness of Rodi Garganico, in the territory of Vico del Gargano, is placed the pleasant location of San Mennaio Garganico, with his expanses of very fine golden sand, and a large green carpet of pine, orange and olive trees. For the name of the location is to go back to a legend, which tells of the appearance of San Menna, a Saint warrior of Arabian origin, that saved the habitants from the Saracens.

Rodi Garganico

In the enchanting scenery of the landscape of the Gargano, is situated the perfumed village that gives the name to Rodi Garganico. A summer, as long as one year for the particular micro climate offered from the sun and the light breezes from the Adriatic Sea, that permits a blooming growth around the village of a large expanse of citrus orchards, have become in the last years an excellent production, that has brought to the recognition of the Mark IGP (Protect Geographic Indication) for the citrus of the National Park of the Gargano.

Itineraries between history and nature

Sea, caves, rocks and beaches with very fine sand, make the ends of the coast of the Gargano a picture of a painter.
The natural elements as the wind and the waves have mould like able artisans the karstic stone, modelling in a unique and original shape the caves, the bays, the inlets, the stacks in one after the other, continuously along the whole coast.
Not to miss the archipelago of the Tremiti Island with the beautiful sea caves, in particularly the cave of the Violet and that of the Sea Ox: for visiting them, there is the possibility to embark on a boat in the immediate nearby of the Hotel.
A interlace of nature and culture, a history connected to the great tradition of the Gargano, of the cult “Micaelico”, original from the V century. With the appearance of the Archangel Saint Michael in Monte Sant’Angelo, and enriched with the witness during the XX century of the Friar with the stigmata’s in San Giovanni Rotondo, Saint Father Pio.
The Gargano is place of soul, beyond a paradise for holiday.

The Tremiti Islands

TIME OF NAVIGATION: 1 h. and 15 min.;
To disembark on the island of S. Nicola, the smallest of the three islands, but the historical centre, religious and administrative of the archipelago.
Visit of the abbatial complex of “S. Maria a Mare”, founded by the Benedict’s in 1045. Embarking at board of big boats for the circumnavigation in boat of the Island S. Domino. Lunch based on fish in a typical Restaurant at S. Domino. Free time at disposition for shopping. Return to San Nicola for the re-embarking.
Return to the Hotel.


Ancient Castle going back from the VIII century has got his name to a dinner kept by Frederic II based on wild pigs.
In the village is kept a Baronial Palace, which incorporates the rest of the Frederick’s castle and a Parish in the internal, of which there is a relief representing a Madonna with a Child.
Continue for CASTEL DEL MONTE. Isolated on a hill of the Murgia of the Apulia, it remains the most famous monuments of epoch of the emperor Frederick II of Swabia.
The Castle is the only example in Europe of Castles at octagonal plant with eight towers, also they octagonal, placed at the top of the polygon. The monuments are considered a majestic Cathedral lay symbol of the earthly ambitions of the emperor.
Pause for lunch by a holiday farm for tasting the specialities of the local kitchen and wines. In the afternoon visit to BARLETTA, big sea centre of Byzantine origin. The Castle of Norman origin was rebuilt in 1234 by the Suevians.
In the historical centre is also to be visiting the “Cantina of the Disfida”, place where was announced the challenge between Fieramosca and the French Capitan La Motte.
Also very interesting the Dom of 1150 with Renaissance facade, the church of S. Andrea, and the church of S. Sepolcro, on which side rises the “Colosso”.
Return to the Hotel at RODI GARGANICO.


The centre was, starting from the V century, developed in relation with the cult for the Archangel Saint Michael which appeared in the internal of a cave.
The interesting of the village is anyhow concentrated around the Sanctuary of Saint Michael Archangel, realized above the cave of the appearance.
In his internal you will find valuable artistic witnesses, the bishop chair, sculptured during the XI Century. And the venerated statue of the Angel in alabaster.
At his outside there is a massif octagonal bell tower. Between the other monuments: the Castle, the “Tomba of Rotari”, “ Santa Maria Maggiore” and “S. Benedetto”. Break for lunch by a restaurant of a farm holiday for tasting the products, typical of the local kitchen.
Continuation for S.GIOVANNI ROTONDO, middle aged centre, completely transformed with modern quarters, in consequence of the flow of devoted going to the Monastery of S. Maria della Grazie (Our Lady of Grace) where Father Pio of Pietrelcina lived and who promoted also the construction of the nearby and modern Hospital “Casa Sollieva della Sofferenza, (House of relief of Suffering).
Visit of the little church of 1629 and the modern church, where you can find the tomb of the Saint.
Time of concentrating for praying. Return to the Hotel.

The National Park of the Gargano

An Island of limestone between the Adriatic Sea and the luxurious plain of the “Tableland of the Apulia”.
A place where you live the emotion again of a report with a suggestive environment, wild and full of sacredness.
An interlace of nature and culture, that make of this end of the earth of the Apulia a unique in the panorama of the Italian tourist offer.
History like the thousand histories from which is drenched with this earth, constructed, re-constructed, sacked from different peoples along the centuries of the pre-historical settlings, at the Roman, Suevians and Aragon Ages.
A history joined with the great tradition of the Gargano of the cult “Micaelico” from origin of the V century a. C., with the appearance of the Archangel Saint Michael in Monte San Angelo, and enriched with the witness during the XX century of the Friar with the stigmata’s in San Giovanni Rotondo, Saint Father Pio.
The Gargano is place of the soul, beyond a paradise for holiday. Thousand of Pilgrims go every year to the Spiritual Holy Places.
Places at only a few steps from Rodi, easily to be visited with excursions of only a few hours.
Green as a vegetal mantle of which is rich the “Forest Umbra” (Shadow Forest) the hart of the National Park of the Gargano, rich of hundred years old beeches, holms oaks and maples.
It is possible to visit it, alone or with guides, of the Forest Umbra, some practicable with a horse or on bicycle.

Culture and Nature

Vico is a little agriculture centre lying on the top of a hill. There are still visible from the ancient Castle, a cylindrical tower and some environments at cross vault. Just outside of the town is the church of the “Madonna of the Carmine”, adjacent at a Monastery of the Capuchins. From Vico you can cross the Forest Umbra, green reserve of the Gargano, very impressing for his extension (11.000 ha) and for the beauty of his vegetation. Continuation for PESCHICI.
Castled on a massif rock promontory, Peschici was founded in 970. The historical centre in part still surrounded of the wall, is constituted of the typical low houses, covered with the cupolas of oriental look, and of an original middle aged Castle, rebuild in the XVII century.
Between the churches to be noticed, is the Parish Church, in which his internal is kept the paintings of the “De Rosa School”. Pause for lunch in a typical Restaurant in VIESTE, where you can taste the specialities of the local kitchen. In the afternoon visit of the centre of Vieste, which origins are from the X century a.C. The middle aged village is in good state of conservation with narrow streets and houses all whitewashed. In the middle of the centre rises the Castle, of Frederick’s foundation but restructured in 1537, and the Cathedral, example of the Romanesque-Apulia architecture, restructured in the Eight Hundred’s.
Return to the Hotel.



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